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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:United States of America
Likes: Diet Coke, Simon Cowell, sleeping in, ranch dressing, boybands, the dialectic, right angles, Broadway musicals, Shakespeare, "The Amazing Race", bottled water, haiku, Kleenex with lotion, Prussian efficiency, foreign men, Bridget Jones, bubble tea, anime, inside jokes, Mr. Darcy, J-pop, movie trailers, video games, VH1, expensive jeans, Eurotrash, double-sided tape, Johnny's Jimusho, rice, kim-chee flavored instant ramen, BBC America, electronic key cards, snark, Harry Potter, slash, Machiavelli, fart jokes, choreographed dance numbers, plastic food displays in glass cases at Japanese restaurants, Eddie Izzard, Post-It notes, my iPod, fanfiction, Food TV, Sanrio, buying in bulk, Velcro, finding money in coat pockets, Netter's atlas, OnDemand television, Asian dramas, little kids with British accents, mechanical pencils, snakes on planes, dance-offs, gay makeover shows, designer labels, the metric system, peanut butter, the young Robert Redford, glossy fashion magazines, gossip, DVD extras, "Jeopardy", and "kickin' it old school".

Dislikes: inefficiency, birds, people who don't use crosswalks, humidity, minimum speed limits, truck stops, Ashton Kutcher, when your nose makes that whistling noise when it's stuffed up, stereotypes, waiting in line, animals dressed as humans, Riverdance, scrubs as outerwear, militant vegetarians, acting in music videos, pop-up windows, telemarketers, split ends, when Starbucks baristas misspell my name, spoken word parts of pop songs, licorice, alarm clocks, Old Navy commercials, loud noises, daylight savings time, grapes with seeds, TV shows that name themselves after specific decades, incorrect use of apostrophes, paper cuts, scary movies, people that chew with their mouths open, people who mumble when reading to themselves, mayonnaise, WAL*MART, illiteracy, airports, pink headbands on babies with no hair, clowns, splinters, words spelled with numbers, CNN, mosquitos, misogyny, accomplishing an errand that I forgot to put on my to-do list and thereby preventing the opportunity to cross that errand off said list, overuse of the word "extreme", nicotine, mistakes in print, and the Man.
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